2023 Federal Budget: An Analysis by Bobby Kleinman

Bobby Kleinman, FCPA, FCA - Member of the CAGP Government Relations Committee

The Federal Budget has raised much controversy on the plethora of new spending buckets and in some cases the perceived lack of spending in other buckets. There was not much there for CAGP members to get excited about.

The secret sauce to a rewarding fundraising career: CAGP member Tanya Rumble weighs in

Tanya Rumble, CFRE, MFA-P, knows a thing or two about fundraising. In fact, she knows quite a bit. With more than a decade in the sector, she shares her most notable recent challenges, why she sees professional development as essential for fundraising professionals, and how CAGP membership and the CFRE credential have set her on a powerful career trajectory.

Musings on the 2022 Federal Budget

Finance Minister Freeland brought down the Federal budget on April 7, 2022. CAGP sent its members an acknowledgement of the Budget with newsletter charity analysis from three law firms, Carters, Miller Thompson, and Norton Rose Fulbright. Terrific reviews, excellently done, and we thank them for their quality work and leadership in the charitable community. There were two chief technical proposals in the budget – the disbursement quota (“DQ”) and charitable disbursements to non-qualified donees (“NQDs”). What is the word which describes the reaction to these proposals? – RELIEF!

Fundraising and Communications Success - it all starts with your strategic plan

Moving forward with fundraising or communications initiatives without understanding how they fit into the grand scheme of things is borderline irresponsible. It’s like showing up at the airport without knowing where you are going, without packing any luggage or a passport, and simply saying that you want to travel.

A surprising number of nonprofit organizations who turn to us for fundraising support and help with donor outreach have been operating either without a written strategic plan in place or with a strategic plan that is defunct.

How Do Online Wills Fit Into the New Gift Planning Landscape?

Online Will writing is exploding in Canada, fueled by entrepreneurs who see a need in the market, better technology, changing demographics (did you know that the oldest Millennials are now 41?), and of course, COVID-19 making us all more aware of our mortality.

National Day of Truth and Reconcilliation

This past June, the federal government passed legislation designating September 30th as a National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to commemorate the history and legacy of residential schools in Canada. The CAGP office will be closed on September 30th to recognize the importance of this day.

Book Review - Digital Executor: Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning by Sharon Hartung


Delving into the first pages of Digital Executor: Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning triggered a memory of a Skype conversation with my dad a number of years ago. He, in his leather easy chair, camera focused on his face from the nose up, wanted help in copying and pasting content onto a Word document. As a tech-avoidant but somewhat capable user myself, to walk a retired digital newcomer verbally though this very simple process was eye-opening in terms of my own knowledge and patience, and my own digital know-how in working with others. Needless to say, I have a lot of learning still to do in all three areas.

CAGP moves to implement pay transparency on job postings

CAGP is currently in the process of a full website update. Upon launch of the new website, we will also be implementing a new practice regarding our job board.

Reimagining The Future of Philanthropy - Resources for change

CAGP’s 27th Conference on Strategic Philanthropy, which took place April 14-16, 2021, tackled some big themes, none more so than the rallying cry to ‘reimagine the future of philanthropy’. These messages deeply resonated with conference attendees, so much so that we were asked to make some of the information available publicly so that attendees could share the words with their leadership and board members. Today we are pleased to do so.

The Will Power Campaign & CALU: Moving The Philanthropic Conversation Forward

As the Will Power campaign forges ahead in its aim to inspire more Canadians to leave an estate gift to charity, we know that professional advisors have a big role to play. Which is why we are grateful to Founding Partners and sector sponsors like CALU (Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting), an association made up of leaders in the life insurance and financial advisory industry, who are helping to advance the philanthropic conversation.