Professional Development

As Canada’s foremost educator in strategic charitable gift planning, the CAGP Foundation is committed to delivering the highest quality and most comprehensive education to fundraisers, professional advisors and senior decision makers who work with current and prospective donors to help them realize their philanthropic dreams.

Our faculty are seasoned fundraisers and professional advisors who have extensive teaching experience in the field of gift planning. We keep abreast of the current tax and legislative environment and cutting edge ideas and strategies that benefit donors, continually updating our programs and communication materials to ensure the most up-to-date information is provided.

Core Competencies of a Charitable Gift Planner 

What do we mean by competency?  Quite simply, “the ability to do something successfully.”

CAGP and the CAGP Foundation enjoy the reputation of providing the most comprehensive training programs in Canada that directly address the needs of gift planning professionals. Our Competency Framework for a Charitable Gift Planner, provides the foundation for the development of all CAGP Foundation educational programing.

The competency framework is captured within two key areas: enabling competencies and technical competencies, reflecting the dual facet of excellence as a gift planning professional. Here’s a link to CAGP’s Core Competencies developed specifically for charity-based gift planners.

Beyond charity-based gift planners, an array of professionals are engaged in providing philanthropic and strategic charitable gift planning services. CAGP will use this competency framework as the foundation for future development of customized competency models designed for professional advisors.

Educational Opportunities

Gift Planning Fundamentals

This one-day introductory course is specifically designed to provide an overview of the basics of strategic charitable gift planning. You will gain an introductory level of knowledge of the variety of gift planning tactics and vehicles at your disposal, raise your awareness of the benefits and features of a gift planning program and learn about what needs to be in place to get started. It will also help you determine if you wish to explore gift planning to a greater extent through one of our more advanced educational courses. More information.

Gift Planning Fundamentals for Professional Advisors - Empowering Client Philanthropy

Advisors who can effectively help clients engage in effective and fulfilling philanthropy while incorporating the benefits of giving into their financial and estate plan will have deeper client relationships and a competitive marketplace advantage. More information

Practical Philanthropic Conversations

Are you a charity professional looking for practical training on speaking with donors and internal colleagues/your team about the value of strategic gift planning? If so, this learning experience is tailor-made for you!  Over three sessions, this course will cover how to talk to donors, how and why to talk to your internal teams, and how to work with advisors and the community to advance major and legacy gifts. More information

Original Canadian Gift Planning Course

CAGP Foundation’s signature 5-day course is offered in a retreat setting, specifically to ensure that participants fully experience the best of what this course has to offer. While Gift Planning Fundamentals offers introductory information about charitable gift planning, the Original Canadian Gift Planning course is a deeper dive into each area of the curriculum such as common giving vehicles, how to have conversations with donors, program management and ethical issues and conduct. Following established adult-learning principles, this course incorporates group work, presentations, best practice discussions and many networking opportunities throughout the week. It is an intensive and highly satisfying experience for all. More information.

Strategic Gift Planning Bootcamp

This course is specifically designed for major gift professionals who wish to incorporate more advanced, strategic gift planning into their work while developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with their donors. Participants spend 3 days in a retreat setting, diving into an inspiring blend of educational modules featuring presentations, challenging case studies, stories and group work with a team of fundraising professionals. Participants will walk away with new-found solutions, skills and knowledge. It’s all about learning how to engage in productive, donor-centred conversations that help donors realize their philanthropic goals while balancing personal, family and tax considerations. More information.

Advanced Canadian Gift Planning Summit

The Advanced Canadian Gift Planning Summit is designed specifically to meet the needs of both professional advisors and seasoned gift planners. Incorporating interactive and in-depth, presentations and discussions on current topics, this course provides a unique opportunity to explore today’s issues with experienced professional instructors and colleagues. More information.

Bequest Administration Essentials - A deep-dive for charity professionals

Gifts from Estates are an increasingly important source of revenue for charities – and also subject to far more stringent legal and financial oversight than gifts from a living individual. Is your charity receiving gifts from Estates?  From acceptance & acknowledgment to account review, releases and receipting, this course will cover how to manage your program and stay on the right side of the law & tax rules. We’ll also delve into how to handle delicate conversations with executors, lawyers, family, loved ones, and the important role of recognition for these special gifts, as well as explore future trends and emerging issues like the growing source of bequests from donor advised foundations. More information

Webinar Wednesdays

Every month, the CAGP Foundation presents enticing, information-packed webinars to expand your strategic charitable gift planning knowledge. These webinars are presented by seasoned professionals and presenters who have in-depth knowledge and expertise on an array of topics related to gift planning, marketing, program management, and tax legislation and legislative issues, etc. More information.

The Annual CAGP National Conference

Since 1993, CAGP has delivered high quality educational content, inspiring speakers and exceptional networking opportunities during its annual national conference making it an event that delegates look forward to attending every year. Whether you are beginning your gift planning career, needing a refresher on a variety of topics or are a seasoned professional looking to stay ahead of the curve on the latest developments and issues, this conference is the most important conference in Canadian philanthropy for the knowledge, networking and total experience. More information.

Continuing Education Credits

CAGP has partnered with CFRE International, Advocis, and the Knowledge Bureau (MFA-P) to offer continuing education credits for many of our national educational programming. To learn more about these organizations, click here. To find out how many credits can be earned for each offering, please check the respective pages.

For more information about CAGP Professional Development, please contact Erin Kuhns, Manager, Education and Training at or 1-888-430-9494 Ext. 222.