The Red Lanyard Experience: CAGP Conference 2018

I have never been to a CAGP conference. In fact, until 2 years ago I had not idea what the acronym CAGP stood for. With just one CAGP conference, I have become a groupie and a donor. Let me tell you why: 

Behind the Scenes of a CAGP Conference

While my experience was different than most, I clearly recall my first CAGP Conference. Of course, it doesn’t date back 10-15+ years as with many who may be reading this; just five years, but what was unique for my experience was that my history with CAGP was just 8 days long, and I was now the leader of this organization. This was going to be my foreseeable future. 

Talking About Talking About Philanthropy - The Advisor/Client Conversation

  • Two-thirds of the wealth in Canada is self-made.
  • Others have inherited their wealth.
  • Entrepreneurship is the dominant source of self-made wealth.
  • By 2025, 2 million Canadians will retire; 1 million of them will be businessowners.
  • A $1 trillion transfer of wealth from one generation of Canadians to the next is expected over the next 20 years.

Planned Giving Summer School Series: Getting an A+ on your next Supporter Survey


Alright class, I know it is sunny out, but it is time to buckle down and go over how to sail through your next supporter survey with flying colours. Remember, there will be a test!

Let’s review some key elements of a great survey. 

Planned Giving Summer School Series: Be a summer school seditionist and raise millions

Let’s break the rules!

No new Gift Planning projects from me this summer…instead, I’m going to urge you to make a new best friend at summer school.

Your Annual Giving Colleague (AGC). 

Planned Giving Summer School Series: Houston, we have a problem

Ahhhhh, summer. A time of long days at the beach, cocktails with friends, and road trips without a destination.

Hold on. Full stop. How many of us actually spend our summer that way?

[Leah hears crickets]

Planned Giving Summer School Series: La Dolce Vita and Other Summer Stories

What are you reading this summer? Ulysses? Fifty Shades of Grey? From the sublime to the ridiculous (but which is which?) I hope you find some down time to read something you love. I also hope you’re spending time this summer creating stories—making memories with your loved ones.

How to Take Advantage of the LEAVE A LEGACY™ Month

Each year I look forward to participating in local LEAVE A LEGACY™ (LAL) activities.  As you know, May is LEAVE A LEGACY™ month. LAL is a national, community-based public awareness campaign of CAGP that encourages people to leave a gift through their will or another planned giving vehicle to a charity or cause that is meaningful to them.

Reflecting on CAGP Conference 2017

Conferences are a funny thing. 

They exist in a number of dimensions at once. 

For people new to a profession, a job, or to a community - they are an entry into another world. Often overwhelming and seemingly complex, but if the conference team does their job right – that person leaves with new knowledge, connections that could help achieve new goals, and comfort knowing that new heights can be conquered. 

Could retirement accounts become the next driver of charitable giving in Canada?


A couple of decades ago, some of the largest Canadian charities were suffering. Federal cuts to transfer payments, seen as necessary to balance the national government books, were a body blow to universities, hospitals and others.

Help for the charitable sector came in the form of a policy change in line with what donors enjoy in the U.S.  After considerable lobbying, Ottawa agreed to “temporarily” reduce in 1997, then permanently eliminate in 2006, the capital gains tax on appreciated securities when donors gifted them in kind to charity.