To Count or Not to Count, That is the Question

True collaboration and cooperation is required to achieve success in a comprehensive campaign.  No fundraising units of a charity should be perceived as being in competition with any other unit. In my opinion, this requires strong leadership and creative goal setting.  Why are so many planned giving shops measured with metrics designed for major gift fund raisers?  I have heard a broad range of answers to this question, none of which was particularly satisfactory and a few reasons made no sense at all.

Estate Donations and Non-Qualifying Securities

Since the announcement of the “estate donation” rules in the 2014 Federal Budget, there have been a number of amendments that have addressed sector concerns and drafting errors.  

One unintended consequence in the original estate donation provisions relates to gifts of private company shares.  All estate donations of private company shares to any registered charity would be categorized as a non-qualifying security, not just gifts to private foundations.  As a result, no tax receipt could be issued until the shares are sold within a 60-month window.   

GivingTuesday – leveraging the opportunity for your organization and your community

Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday…but do you know about GivingTuesday? It’s time to get ready, because Canada’s fourth annual GivingTuesday happens on November 29th, 2016. 

Professional Excellence Starts with Good Manners

How is professional excellence achieved? Professional excellence begins with good manners that can be learned at home, at school, at work, from experience, and by adopting an attitude that embraces growth, continuous development, and learning from mistakes. 

A Canadian Conversation on Gift Planning

Strategic Gift Planning is more than just Planned Giving.

It’s more than donations and fundraising and philanthropy.

It’s tied to tectonic questions like, “why are we here”, and actions that change the world.  

As practitioners, we get stuck in our day-to-day activities. 

But who is a practitioner? We are fundraisers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance professionals, estate trustees --- and we need to start talking to each other if we want to be of better service to our donors and clients. 

SO. Let’s get talking.