Will Power


                                                                                                   (Draft campaign advertisement)

                     How do we open-up more funding for charities?

          By putting the power of philanthropy in the hands of the many.                             


Leaving a gift in a Will to charity turns the ordinary Canadian into an extraordinary philanthropist. Yet only 5% of Canadians do this.

Will Power is the biggest movement in our history to make gifts in Wills the social norm. Our goal: to open-up $40B in gifts to charities by 2030.

The campaign encourages Canadians to think about charitable bequests, and inspires them to act. We do this via broad-based marketing and events in communities across the country. 

Charities and Professional Advisors who partner with Will Power are introduced to a new army of potential philanthropists. You’re also given tools to speak directly to your donors/clients.download_propsal.png

Will Power pilots in September 2020, in Ontario’s Niagara Golden Horseshoe. We then roll-out to communities across the country in 2021 and 2022. 

Are you a charity or advisor with presence in Hamilton, Oakville or the Niagara Golden Horseshoe? 


Are you interested in joining the campaign when it comes to your community?



Contact Laurie Fox, National Campaign Director, for more information on Will Power:            lfox@cagp-acpdp.org


Will Power’s Seed Funders: