Will Power


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Leaving a gift in a Will to charity turns the ordinary Canadian into an extraordinary philanthropist. Yet only 5% of Canadians do this.

Will Power is the biggest movement in our history to make gifts in Wills the social norm. Our goal: to open-up $40B in gifts to charities by 2030.

The campaign encourages Canadians to think about charitable bequests, and inspires them to act. We do this via broad-based marketing and events in communities across the country. 

Charities and Professional Advisors who partner with Will Power are introduced to a new army of potential philanthropists. You’re also given tools to speak directly to your donors/clients.download_propsal.png

Will Power pilots in September 2020, in Ontario’s Niagara Golden Horseshoe. We then roll-out to communities across the country in 2021 and 2022.


Contact Laurie Fox, National Campaign Director, for more information on Will Power:            lfox@cagp-acpdp.org


Will Power’s Seed Funders: