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A new Gift Planning Designation for Advisors? Why this IS a big deal.

The partnership between the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and The Knowledge Bureau is a watershed moment for CAGP and a seminal moment for charitable gift planning in Canada. HERE’S WHY... by Brad Offman

CAGP's 25th National Conference on Strategy Philanthropy: A ‘First-timers’ Perspective

My very first official engagement with CAGP was at this year’s 25th National Conference on Strategy Philanthropy in Winnipeg. In a nutshell – I was both impressed, and relieved. Let me unpack that statement a little. 

The Red Lanyard Experience: CAGP Conference 2018

I have never been to a CAGP conference. In fact, until 2 years ago I had not idea what the acronym CAGP stood for. With just one CAGP conference, I have become a groupie and a donor. Let me tell you why: 

Behind the Scenes of a CAGP Conference

While my experience was different than most, I clearly recall my first CAGP Conference. Of course, it doesn’t date back 10-15+ years as with many who may be reading this; just five years, but what was unique for my experience was that my history with CAGP was just 8 days long, and I was now the leader of this organization. This was going to be my foreseeable future. 

Talking About Talking About Philanthropy - The Advisor/Client Conversation

  • Two-thirds of the wealth in Canada is self-made.
  • Others have inherited their wealth.
  • Entrepreneurship is the dominant source of self-made wealth.
  • By 2025, 2 million Canadians will retire; 1 million of them will be businessowners.
  • A $1 trillion transfer of wealth from one generation of Canadians to the next is expected over the next 20 years.

Planned Giving Summer School Series: Getting an A+ on your next Supporter Survey


Alright class, I know it is sunny out, but it is time to buckle down and go over how to sail through your next supporter survey with flying colours. Remember, there will be a test!

Let’s review some key elements of a great survey. 

Planned Giving Summer School Series: Be a summer school seditionist and raise millions

Let’s break the rules!

No new Gift Planning projects from me this summer…instead, I’m going to urge you to make a new best friend at summer school.

Your Annual Giving Colleague (AGC). 

Planned Giving Summer School Series: Houston, we have a problem

Ahhhhh, summer. A time of long days at the beach, cocktails with friends, and road trips without a destination.

Hold on. Full stop. How many of us actually spend our summer that way?

[Leah hears crickets]

Planned Giving Summer School Series: La Dolce Vita and Other Summer Stories

What are you reading this summer? Ulysses? Fifty Shades of Grey? From the sublime to the ridiculous (but which is which?) I hope you find some down time to read something you love. I also hope you’re spending time this summer creating stories—making memories with your loved ones.