Memorial Relationship Building: Working with Next of Kin


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What role does stewardship play in Estate Management? Is the role of a charity to simply to review an estate's accounts and ensure proper administration - or is there more to the story? Is there a place for stewardship, donor cultivation and possibly even solicitation future gifts from friends and family in Planned Giving?

Join us for an interactive social session that will dive into this topic. Megan Doyle Ray, Manager, Legacy Giving and Memorial Programs, CHEO, will lead us off by sharing her real-life experiences managing relationships with next-of-kin, and share her thoughts on ways to steward and engage memorial donors. 

Note: This is a CAGP Social Session. Megan will make a short presentation and then we will break out into discussion groups so you can share your experiences, connect with your peers and learn from each other. You will need a webcamera and audio to beable to participate.

To allow for honest dialogue and exchange of ideas, the session will now be recorded.

Free for CAGP members! $10 for non-members.





17 June, 4:00pm to 17 June, 5:00pm


Online (Zoom)

Phone: 16043061999