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Letter in support of CAGP’s submission to the Department of Finance in respect of AMT proposed amendments

Our CAGP community has been gravely concerned with the proposed changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax treatment of major gifts in Canada.

Read the final letter forwarded to the Department of Finance, which includes 180 signatures from charities and other concerned parties across the country.


CAGP 2022 Impact Report

Our Impact Report provides comprehensive information about our activities, outcomes and impact for 2022.

Access the report

NEW REPORT: Influence, Affluence and Opportunity: Donor-advised Funds in Canada

The CAGP Foundation and KCI are pleased to present Influence, Affluence & Opportunity: Donor-advised Funds in Canada, containing the latest research on DAFs in Canada.


The Latest

Original Canadian Gift Planning Course

February 12 - 16,  2024
Banff, Alberta 

This comprehensive five-day course covers all aspects of gift planning, from the very technical to the importance of building relationships with donors. 


Webinar Wednesdays: Redefining Metrics in Gift Planning: Beyond Financial Counting

January 31, 2024

Join us as we redefine metrics in gift planning, moving beyond mere financial counting to a more holistic approach that truly supports performance management.


Charitable Donations of Life Insurance - CAGP Guidelines

Download practical resources for:

  • Charities
  • Advisors
  • Donors
  • Life Insurers