About Us

CAGP is a national association that inspires and educates the people involved in strategic charitable gift planning. We advocate for a beneficial tax and legislative environment that strengthens philanthropic giving, create a networking environment with like-minded professionals and experts, and provide access to outstanding learning opportunities and professional development.

A national, nonprofit organization established in 1993, we are the only Canadian professional association that brings together charitable fundraisers and professional advisors. Through a commitment to a stringent Code of Ethics, continual learning and networking, and a willingness to share, our members help each other grow and develop as professionals in their respective fields.

As a national, community-based organization our 20 local Chapters across the country are an essential partner in CAGP’s mission and play a vital role in building relationships and engaging members to strengthen philanthropy and strategic charitable gift planning.

Our Vision

A better world through strategic charitable giving.

Our Mission

To champion the growth and development of strategic charitable gift planning in Canada. 

Our Values

We are collaborative.

  • We freely share our expertise and knowledge with others in the charitable gift planning community.
  • We look for opportunities to involve specialists who can enhance the value that we provide to donors/clients.
  • We participate in local and national events where we network with our fellow members and introduce others to CAGP and the value of membership.
  • We partner with other organizations to advocate, with one voice, for strategic charitable giving, and for policies that will contribute to a better world.

We are knowledgeable.

  • We are committed to education and lifelong learning.
  • We keep abreast of cutting edge ideas and strategies that benefit our donors/clients.
  • We go out of our way to educate other members of our community in areas that we know best.
  • We take pride in being recognized as the go-to authority on all matters related to strategically planned gifts and bequests.

We are professional.

  • We are transparent in all our dealings with our donors/clients and each other.
  • We value honesty, fairness, respect for others and doing the right thing.
  • We hold each other accountable for our actions and our professional reputation.

We are influential.

  • We are tireless advocates for a favourable legislative environment for strategic charitable giving and philanthropy.
  • We take every opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of strategic charitable giving.
  • We challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways of serving our donors/clients.
  • We inspire each other to find innovative ways of helping clients/donors realize their philanthropic dreams. 


We are Inclusive.

  • We recognize that the diversity of our membership, staff, and our partners encompasses age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, language, education, geography, careers, expertise, and more. 
  • We strive to provide an inclusive, fair, and welcoming environment that celebrates our diversity while promoting our vision of a better world through strategic charitable giving. 

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