The Philanthropic Mind


About the Book

The Philanthropic Mind is based on dozens of candid interviews with Canada's top philanthropists who share their personal stories and surprising insights. You will find the views of these accomplished Canadians instructive, intriguing, perhaps even validating, and certainly motivational.

The Philanthropic Mind is a rare opportunity to learn from and be inspired by Canada's most generous individuals - and to glean the real reasons behind some of their largest donations. It provides eye-opening perspectives for nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers, as well as budding and seasoned philanthropists. 

Before cracking the spine and reading the first page there were questions I wanted the book to answer to discern the “value add” to my journey in the profession, in the same vein as each of you would. Will it give me insight and a perspective I haven’t heard from a philanthropist’s point of view? Is this for someone new to the profession and equally, to a seasoned veteran? Would this be a good resource for board members, volunteers and the philanthropists whose enduring relationships we covet? It turned out to be an extremely easy question to answer, a resounding YES! If you haven’t heard about it or bought a copy you really need to.

- Rowena Griffiths, Fundraising Executive

The Authors

Chuck English is a leader in the field of strategic marketing, providing expert consulting and counsel to businesses, schools and organizations for over 20 years. Currently, he is the driving force behind English Marketing Works, a firm that has improved the capacity of dozens of  independent schools, fundraising organizations and businesses by producing measurable results from their marketing investment. Chuck speaks at seminars and conferences, is an accomplished writer, and is deeply passionate about communal endeavours, having served in leadership positions and on the boards of many organizations.

Mo Lidsky is a principal at Prime Quadrant, an investment research and consulting firm. Previously, Mo was the co-founder of TMX Inc., FundCoaches, CharityBids, and Apex Global Capital. Mo served as the chief executive officer of Yeshiva University (Canada) and chairman of the THJ Foundation. Mo continues to serve on a number of boards and is the co-author of In Search of the Prime Quadrant: The Quest for Better Investment Decisions.

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