Talking Death Across Cultures & Faith Groups + More


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  • Session #1:  Talking Death Across Cultures & Faith Groups
  • Session #2:  In Conversation With a Legacy Donor - Lorna Court
  • Session #3:  WESA Update: The Follies Continue with Margaret Mason


Talking Death Across Cultures & Faith Groups

- Rabbi Adam Stein of Congregation Beth Israel;
- Mr. Harminder Pal Singh, Head Priest at Khalsa Diwan Society Sikh Temple;
- Ms. Tahera Rashid, Senior Lecturer at Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre; and
- Rev. Gary Paterson of St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church

This panel presentation will focus on how we approach conversations about death, and planning for death, with donors and clients of various faith and cultural groups. Our panel presenters are representatives from many of the world’s great religions and are involved with pastoral care and spiritual leadership in their faith communities.  Join us as we explore how we talk about death.

With thanks to our sponsor of this session: Solus Trust

In Conversation With a Legacy Donor

With Lorna Court

For those planning to leave a legacy, the considerations may be numerous. They may be simple or complex. Lorna Court shares insight into the nuances surrounding her choice to make this generous commitment in the hope that knowledge of her journey may assist those professionals aiding other donors successfully navigate this approach to philanthropy.

WESA Update: The Follies Continue

Presented by Margaret Mason, LL. B.

Has the law surrounding WESA developed in any material way?  Or - is it just stuck in fact dependent unfortunate decision-making (or lack of decision making) by will makers?  Margaret will give us an update regarding current case law, explain any themes or conclusions that can be drawn from those cases, and provide a checklist of “do’s and don’ts” for charities embroiled in such disputes.

Speaker Biographical Summary: 

Lorna Court:

Lorna Court, BA, CPC spent 20+ years in Human Resources as a Senior Recruitment Consultant before her father’s dementia necessitated her early retirement.  Their journey through the healthcare system turned Lorna into an advocate for seniors, and led to her philanthropy gifts.  She’s currently a member of the Advisory Council for SFU’s 55+ Program, a Volunteer Stewardship Ambassador for SFU’s Planned Giving, and is past Secretary of SFU Seniors’ Lifetime Learners’ Society.  (On weekends she and her partner, John, can often be found at Opera, Bard on the Beach, a concert, or a Whitecaps game!)

Margaret Mason:

Margaret Mason is a charities lawyer with more than 30 years of experience advising donors, charities and other tax-exempt organizations and their boards, often on highly sensitive and complex matters. In addition to advising on gift plans, incorporations, charitable registration, governance, fundraising and CRA audit matters, she helps clients consider operational structures that allow them to navigate complex legal and regulatory environments particularly with respect to the creation of multi-use affordable housing projects, social enterprises and international development. She has worked extensively with healthcare, environmental, sport and housing organizations.

She speaks and teaches widely in the areas of governance, regulatory compliance and board skill development.


17 October, 7:30am to 17 October, 12:00pm


308 4th Avenue North

Vancouver,  British Columbia  V6B 1B6 Canada