Planned Giving 101 sponsored by the Jubilee fund


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Join us in this entry level planned giving session. We will discuss how you can run a successful planned giving program off the side of your desk, with minimal finances and time. We’ll also explore community resources to help you along the way including program building tools.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Defining what planned giving is.
2. Benefits of a planned giving program.
3. Practical tools and resources to launch a planned giving program.
4. Financial expectations when it comes to fundraising after launching a planned giving program.

There is time allotted in the session to ask questions and start planning, or advancing, your planned giving program.

Planned Giving 101

March 20, 2024, 7:30-11:00AM

If the registration fee is a barrier for your attendance, please email with your charity name and contact details. Charities with an operating budget of $1M or less may apply to have their registration fee covered. Courtesy of Stephen Webb - Entrust Financial Services

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Meet Your Presenter

Monica Sigurdson, CFRE



Presenter: Monica Sigurdson primarily focuses on capacity building in non-profit fund developement for small to medium charities. Having seen the impact that small strategic changes can make to bring in extra income for nonprofits, she continues to support non-profits throgh consulting and volunteering such as her current role as Vice-Chair for Dignity House and as a Board Member for the Manitoba Chapter of CAGP. For the last five years, her focus has been launching new programs and initiatives at Jubilee Fund such as thier Planned Giving Program and Canada’s first Rent Guarantee Program.


20 March, 7:30am to 20 March, 11:00am


Winnipeg Winter Club
200 River Ave.
Winnipeg,  Manitoba  Canada

Phone: 2048135450