Opportunities and Risks in Donating Preferred Shares to Charity


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Topic Summary: Donating shares is a means of obtaining donation tax credits for an individual without donating cash.  Also, the cash cost of the donation comes from the corporation whose shares are redeemed rather than the donor.  The problem is valuing the donated shares.   This problem is significantly avoided by donating preferred shares. 

Blake Bromley is one of the world's foremost experts in charity law, and the recognized pioneer of charitable law and gifting in Canada.  He works with donors, charities, foundations and governments on legal, financial and strategic issues, and has incorporated and registered over 650 charities.  He has planned, negotiated, and closed over a billion dollars'  worth of inter vivos gifting, plus several times that in future testamentary gifts. 

Blake is the founder and principle lawyer of Benefic Lawyers.  He is committed to advancing understanding of charity and the benevolent sector by writing articles and lecturing widely on legal issues, tax issues, and global and domestic trends. 

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12 March, 5:45pm to 12 March, 8:30pm