Estate Administration and the Role of the Executor


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Guest Speakers:

Charlotte Salomon, Q.C., Partner, McConnan Bion O'Connor & Peterson, Lawyers

Natasha Benn, Manager, Philanthropic Services, Victoria Foundation

What role does an Executor have to fulfill in their fiduciary duties when administrating an estate and what are the expectations of the beneficiary? This presentation will explore the estate gift from the perspective of both the executor and the charity. What do they need from each other, what are their expectations, and what are the common pitfalls of the estate and charity beneficiary relationship throughout the course of an estate administration.


13 February, 11:45am to 13 February, 1:30pm


805 Gordon Street, Begbie Lounge - UNION CLUB OF BC

Victoria,  British Columbia  V8W 1Z6 Canada

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