Donor-Advised Funds & Private Foundations: A Legal Review by Florence Carey


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This presentation will discuss thoroughly donor-advised funds and private foundations, from their basic structure and how they are set up, how they work, and benefits and drawbacks of each, in particular circumstances.
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Focussing on what I am truly passionate about, I use my legal knowledge to find ways to help charities and not-for-profits.  I am excited and invigorated to be launching into uncharted territory as a sole practitioner and consultant to have greater impact than I could while a partner at a regional law firm.  I will be continuing to provide solid legal advice, assistance with navigating Canada Revenue Agency regulation, governance advice and training, volunteering, and maybe some teaching too.  
If you have some thoughts on what I could focus on to advance the sector, let's talk about


12 February, 8:00am to 12 February, 10:00am


Winnipeg Winter Club, 200 River Ave

Winnipeg,  Manitoba  R3L 0B2 Canada