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Hello Jane! Thank you for jumping into the conversation brain-first! First off this is a question many of us in CAGP have had for almost a decade now and I'm proud to say the CAGP conference education team started and continues to address by making sure that there are always a couple sessions at our national conference on just this topic! What is social enterprise, social investment and how will it affect us as charities and fundraisers. So I hope we'll see you in Toronto in 2017 at this session. In the meantime, and I hope we'll see more comments from other members but speaking with this kind of donor, who I often refer to as "the donation-as-investment minded donor" we in charity simply need to adapt to this mindset and language. Knowing how our charity creates impact with their donated dollar ( and increasingly how our charity manages those dollars which is a new skill set for fundraisers ) will be more important. Now, the reading. Only because I personally like some reading around are some links ( and again I hope a peer from Western Canada can chime in here as a lot of my context comes from the work of peers like the Mars Discovery District, SiG at Mars and peers like Purpose Capital and Miller Thomson). Great CharityVillage article on Social Impact Bonds Mobilizing private capital for public good ( cowritten by Friend of CAGP Susan Manwaring ) An item on social investing in Canada The Responsible Investing in Canada site Robo-advisors already into SRI Thanks again for asking Jane! Hope this is helpful, Paul Nazareth