Webinar: Delivering the Unexpected


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dee_dee_sung.jpgDelivering the Unexpected
Presented by:
Dee Dee Sung, University of British Columbia

Due to the unique nature of gift planning, delivering on a sound, proactive stewardship plan requires thoughtful attention. Given the considerable timeline between when a gift is confirmed and when it is realized, the stewardship process goes beyond gift acknowledgement and impact reporting. It is about stewarding the values system and aspirations of the donor and not just the gift itself. It is about building authentic and meaningful relationships with our donors and creating a culture of trust, accountability and aligned expectations to ensure that they maintain a high level of confidence in their decision to partner with our organizations.

Key takeaways:

  • How to build and sustain meaningful relationships with donors through ongoing, authentic engagement
  • How to actively listen to donors to understand what they want and expect
  • How to consistently deliver a positive experience and make a lasting impression
  • How to create a stewardship toolkit tailored to your organization


31 October, 1:00pm to 31 October, 2:00pm





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