Planned Giving for Canadians (ebook)


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Planned Giving for Canadians is the comprehensive resource on the subject for the charitable sector and for those working in partnership with charities, including lawyers, accountants, bankers, financial managers, estate planners, and insurance professionals. It is an essential resource for development officers who want to be able to offer their Canadian donors a full range of effective giving options.

Now in its third edition, the book was originally co-authored and published in hard-copy editions in 1994 and 1997 by Frank Minton, PG Calc Senior Advisor, and Lorna Somers, Director of University Advancement at McMaster University. Since many changes in tax law occurred after the 1997 edition, Dr. Minton produced a substantially revised edition in 2007 that incorporated all changes up to that date. The book is now published in a searchable electronic format and updated annually.

Although the 2017 Federal Budget contained no new provisions to encourage charitable giving, the 2017 update does include some new rulings and developments.  In addition to discussing them, the 2017 update adds new material about the humanistic aspects of planned gifts, makes substantial changes pertaining to gift annuities (including adding the table now used for determining the taxation of payments), calls attention to some clarifications regarding cross-border gifts, and adds marketing material.  It also updates examples to reflect current provincial tax rates and makes various edits throughout the book.

An important feature of Planned Giving for Canadians is the inclusion of French translations of all but one of the many gift agreements, forms, and other documents that appear in the Documents Folder that comes with the manual. Both the English and French versions of these prototype MS Word documents can be edited and used by a charity.

The manual addresses such topics as: 

  • Gift techniques
  • Bequests and life insurance
  • Endowments 
  • Tax rules for charitable gifts in Quebec 
  • Major gift strategies 
  • Developing personal solicitation skills 
  • International planned giving 

All illustrations and text reflect changes introduced in the recent Federal Budgets.

The manual couldn’t be easier to use: 

  • Complete searchable index 
  • Glossary 
  • Prototype documents

Please note: Planned Giving for Canadians is only available in ebook format.

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