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dewayne_osborn_photo.jpgAsk an Advisor - Your questions, DeWayne’s answers
Presented by: DeWayne Osborn CPA, CGA, CFP, Cardinal Capital Management

As planned giving gets more and more popular with high net worth individuals and their financial advisors, the number of questions being asked of DeWayne are increasing.  Why? Planned giving donors’ financial affairs are becoming increasingly more complicated as charities struggle to maintain that delicate balance between keeping their donors happy, and yet remaining compliant with CRA regulations.  Increasingly, planned giving is a powerful tool used by financial advisors to help reduce tax burdens when high net worth clients decide to divest themselves of their property. Like any tool, when used properly, it gets the job done without issues or concerns. However, if abused or used incorrectly leads to enhanced legislation and/or other regulatory policies to be used by the Charities Directorate to enforce legislation and guidelines.  

In this session, some of the more pressing and/or constant issues raised through CAGP’s Ask and Advisor Forum will be discussed, answers provided, trends identified, red flags noted, and your questions answered.

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