Non-Real Property Valuation - what you need to know! RECORDING

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amanda-dewayne.pngNon-Real Property Valuation - what you need to know!
Presented by:
Amanda Salvatori, CBV, CPA MNP LLP and
DeWayne Osborn CPA, CGA, CFP

The third installment in the "Interview with" series, DeWayne will delve into valuation issues for non real property with an expert - a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV).  Why should you attend this session? Gifts of private company shares are getting more common.  Why?  A tremendous amount of wealth is tied up in holding companies and financial advisors are recommending using them to fulfill their HNW clients' philanthropic dreams.  The issue is determining a reasonable valuation for tax receipt purposes; a job for a CBV. Why an issue? The valuation of private company shares, charitable interests in trusts, and personal benefits can vary and you need a CBV to sort it all out for your organization.  Furthermore there are issues for the charity to consider when accepting such property.  So, is your charity ready to play in this donation space?  Come listen to an expert and you will know.

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