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The Philanthropic FlowA Truly Donor-Centred Approach to Philanthropy
Presented by: Norma Cameron, CFRE


After years of being ‘on the frontlines’ of fundraising, securing major and planned gifts for various Canadian universities, I realized that while the traditional fundraising cycle (i.e. from suspects through to stewardship –and the moves management tracking system), appeared to serve the needs of the charitable organization –if we, as a sector, were serious about being donor-centred, it would require more than a tweak to our current approach -- probably something more like a paradigm shift. 

And so, as part of my research in creating a donor engagement model for my Narrative Philanthropy work, I created a new approach that puts the focus on the donor and not the donation.  It’s called The Philanthropic Flow

The shift is to a values-based approach to ‘strategic’ gift planning.  Starting by taking time to discovery  and understand what our donors wish to accomplish through their philanthropy (now and/or in the future), then exploring if there’s a match with what our organizations wish to achieve, then working with them (and possibly their families and/or professional advisors) all  the way through to reporting on impact and outcomes.   

It incorporates the exploration and creation of organizational, donor and beneficiary stories; it uncovers the motivations and expectations of the donors the organization and its beneficiaries and it’s focused on building long-term, trusting relationships that will satisfy everyone’s  needs. 

Join Norma Cameron for this webinar and you’ll be introduced to the 7 Steps of The Philanthropic Flow and pick up some practical tips and techniques you can start to use immediately to strengthen your relationships with your donors.  

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