Craft the Perfect Ask: RECORDING

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The Perfect Ask
Presented by:
Ryan Fraser CFP and Kate Hodgson

ryan-kate.pngHave you ever spent hours developing the perfect planned giving ask to only find it worked well with certain donors, but not others and you weren’t sure why? Have you ever wished that you could significantly improve your results without spending a significant amount of time and budget?

We often forget that behind every successful ask is a compelling story which speaks directly to the donor.  Crafting your ask requires both an understanding of story structure and the ability to adapt your story on the fly to resonate with your donor's communication style.

Join Kate and Ryan for a mini version of their highly successful "Craft the Perfect Ask Workshop" and learn:

  • How to break your story down to its core beats
  • Identify your donor's dominate communication and social styles
  • Seamlessly adapt your ask "on the fly" to maximize your success
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