Thriving as a Fundraiser in Work and Life


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Featuring DIANE LLOYD, CEO, Inspired Giving Results Group

Fundraisers are masters at juggling expectations and delivering results for their organization, but many report they feel like they are in survival mode most of the time. This session will support the shift from surviving to thriving in your life and at work. Diane will answer the question 'How can I achieve results for my organization, with less stress and overwhelm?'. In this session, you will learn the best coaching 'secrets' to mastering your mindset, knowing your values, reducing stress, maximizing your strengths and setting goals in a way that inspires and energizes you to achieve more, without feeling overwhelmed and burned out. Learning outcomes include a personalized thriving framework to develop a positive mindset, leverage strengths, receive feedback and set priorities to maximize your professional potential without sacrificing your personal life.


3 octobre, 11:45am


805 Gordon Street, Begbie Lounge - UNION CLUB OF BC
Victoria,  British Columbia  V8W 1Z6 Canada

Téléphone: (250) 381-5532