Redefining Metrics in Gift Planning: Beyond Financial Counting - RECORDING

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Redefining Metrics in Gift Planning: Beyond Financial Counting
Presenters: Catherine Cornish, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation and Meena Das, NamasteData and Data Is For Everyone

Metrics have always been a hot topic in our educational feedback, especially from our conferences and courses. However, there's a glaring issue in gift planning community. The prevailing discussions on public metrics and counting have been predominantly shaped by large capital campaigns. This counting methodology is heavily tilted towards financial counting, often overlooking the actual needed to support meaningful performance management, and the current ambiguous state of metrics in gift planning is discouraging major gift officers from participating. In the absence of this conversation, a large number of charities in our sector are left in the dark.

In this enlightening presentation, Catherine Cornish will delve into the “in-house" goals, counting methods, and the distinction between performance, finance/budget, and fundraising metrics/goals. And Meena Das will provide a broader perspective on the importance of data collection and the methodologies to do such a data collection, while maintaining a focus on diversity in all its forms.

Join us as we redefine metrics in gift planning, moving beyond mere financial counting to a more holistic approach that truly supports performance management.


Originally broadcast on January 31, 2024


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