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peggy_killeen_photo.jpgBuilding a Culture of Philanthropy  – The secret to success
Presented by: Peggy Killeen, CFRE, Development Consultant

We all have demanding and stressful jobs and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  As gift planners, whether we’re fundraisers or advisors, our primary focus needs to be on the people who walk side by side with us as we strive to make a better world - our donors. They are our raison d’être. In our deadline driven industry with metrics, key performance indicators, a demand for return on investment and financial targets, we sometimes forget that philanthropy is about real people and their values, their beliefs, their passions, their dreams of making a difference.  This presentation is a reality check.  Let’s take a good look at why we do what we do as gift planners, and how to do it better.  Peggy will cover the importance of understanding our missions and nurturing a culture of philanthropy within our organisations.  We’ll examine what motivates our donors to leave a legacy and look at effective, intentional ways of communicating, as well as stewardship and ethical practice. 

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