Gifts of Insurance in the Real World - RECORDING

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Gifts of Insurance in the Real World 
Presenter: DeWayne Osborn CPA, CGA, CFP, MFA-P, Cardinal Capital Management

The gift of insurance is just too powerful to not have another session on.  Planned gift strategies put in place years to decades earlier are coming to a head and advisors, charities, and heck, even CRA is getting into the act with some recent clarification on existing policy gifts.  We will review how the gift works and things to remember when accepting a gift of insurance, what CRA has recently said when converting policies and how this new clarification is better for everyone, and how deeming provisions of the GRE rules when applied to proceeds received by a charity from policies not owned by the organization seem to be confusing advisors, executors, and charities alike. 

As always, bring your questions.

Originally broadcast on October 5, 2022


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