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Local LEAVE A LEGACY™ Programs 

LEAVE A LEGACY™ has 19 local Canadian programs that operate under CAGP Chapters. Each program is unique in its own way, as no two communities are identical.

What remains constant throughout is the message of having a will and making a difference in your community by planning a gift to a favourite charity.

To learn more about or get involved with LEAVE A LEGACY™, please connect with a local CAGP Chapter in your area:

British Columbia






Newfoundland and Labrador

Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

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Partnering & Sponsorship

Partnering with or sponsoring a local LEAVE A LEGACY™ program usually involves financial or in-kind support of event(s) and/or local promotional materials. Specific sponsorship levels are determined by the local Chapters. 

By endorsing the LEAVE A LEGACY™ program, partners are helping to raise awareness about the importance of making a gift to a charity. The ultimate outcome is an increase in support of the work of charities that enriches all our lives in all of our communities.

Participation in LEAVE A LEGACY™ can offer an opportunity to:

•    Connect with our nation’s crucial charitable giving community
•    Increase exposure and recognition in local media
•    Access to professional development and networking
•    Improve communication with donors and prospective about planned gifts
•    Increase your ability to acquire future gifts
•    Collaborate with estate and financial planning professionals
•    Use LEAVE A LEGACY™ materials provided by your local Chapter to promote your planned giving program
•    Use LEAVE A LEGACY™ logos on materials

To find out how to become a partner or a sponsor of LEAVE A LEGACY™, please connect with a CAGP Chapter in your area

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