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It’s not an understatement to say that the current global pandemic has impacted all of us and every facet of society. This is especially true of the charitable sector as it responds to community need and an increased demand for essential services, while also adapting programs to a virtual or socially-distanced context and facing its own uncertain future. While the sector has a vital role to play in our community health during the pandemic, so too will it be a critical component of society’s recovery and evolution to a “new normal”.

It’s time for candid and straightforward discussion about Canada’s charities and the role of philanthropy in supporting the sector’s adaptability and resilience, so that its role as a critical component of our social fabric is sustainable and secure.

In our 2020 FRANK Talks, Let’s talk FRANKly about…

The Philanthropic Conversation
How do professional advisors dialogue with clients to enhance philanthropic interest and amplify a donors’ engagement and impact?
Serena Hak, The Donor Motivation Program

The Role of Government
As government recognizes the charitable sector as an important partner in building quality communities, what do charities need from government to manage through the pandemic and to be well situated as a contributor to recovery?
Owen Charters, Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

DAFs & Endowments
What are the myths and myth-busters about invested funds, and how should we best balance the need for long-term, sustainable resources with charities’ immediate needs for funding to support programs and services?
Hilary Pearson, formerly with Philanthropic Foundations of Canada

The Arts as an Essential Service
With a sustainability model highly reliant on community participation and with their doors closed to the public, arts charities have particularly suffered in the current crisis, putting at risk the important role they are poised to play in rebuilding our communities and reintegrating citizens post-pandemic in a way that foster individual and collective health and vitality. Is it time to consider the arts as an essential service?
Rebecca Duclos, Concordia University

Wills & Estates
Planned giving often increases in times of economic crisis and the pandemic has resulted in an onslaught of will preparation. What can charities do now to tap into this longer term source of donor revenue?
Erin Bury,

Green Legacies
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a short-term hiatus to some forms of environmental degradation. How can strategic charitable giving be put to work to address the vital issues of our times, and help create a greener and healthier future for generations to come?
Natasha van Bentum, Give Green Canada

Overhead & Reserve Funds
Fact:  charities with reserve funds have been better positioned to survive the pandemic crisis. Will this change the attitudes of funders and donors as to the need to support both programs and overhead?
James Temple, PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada

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