Iceberg Philanthropy 10 Years Later


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Iceberg Philanthropy

10 Years Later


Thursday, September 26, 2019  

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Canadian fundraisers are sitting on a goldmine the likes of which they’ve never seen – and may never see again. Fraser Green and his Good Works partners have been polling Canadian donors since 2003. This newly released State of the Legacy Nation 2019 research report will enlighten attendees on who’s made wills, who’s made charitable bequests, and just how big today’s (and tomorrow’s!) legacy market really is.

Fraser Green is widely considered one of Canada’s most strategic and creative thinkers in the fundraising sector today. Fraser is the Chief Strategist and Smartypants at Good Works – a consulting firm that propels charities to build deeper relationships with loyal donors and constituents.

Fraser is a gifted communicator whose books, articles, blogs and contrarian rants are widely read around by fundraisers and CEOs around the world. Fraser is a gifted speaker – and has presented sessions and plenary addresses at hundreds of fundraising conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe.



26 September, 7:30am to 26 September, 9:30am


308 4th Avenue North

Vancouver,  British Columbia  V6B 1B6 Canada