Getting Donors Off their ASSets: How to Move an Estate Plan Forward


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Moderator/Financial Planner (Ryan Fraser CFP CIM)

Psychology of giving, use of insurance

Differences between charity and donor best interests

Determining appropriate size of gifts relative to cashflow, etc.

Interesting story integrated into any of the topics


Gift Planner/Trust Officer  (Kathy Papineau-Thornhill)

Estate administration and key time frames

Board report on Expectations.  How to forecast timing

Interesting story about difficult/unusual executors and how to avoid pitfalls


Lawyer (Anne Reinhart)

Estate settlement issues for gift planners.  Why estates can be delayed

Tips on working with estate solicitors vs lay executors

Interesting story about estate that went into litigation and how to avoid pitfalls


Accountant (Terry Marcus)

Issues on charities being residual beneficiaries & refiling tax returns after distributions.  

Impact of Graduated Rate Estates on timing of donations.   

Structuring Gifts from Holdcos vs personal.

Interesting story integrated into any of the topics



11 January, 11:45am to 11 January, 1:15pm


200 Collip Circle
Windermere Manor
London,  Ontario  N6G 4X8 Canada

Phone: 519-476-8848