FREE WEBINAR: Planned Giving for Small Shops


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Paul Nazareth.jpgPlanned Giving for Small Shops

Presented by: Paul Nazareth, CanadaHelps

Does your charity have an “un-planned giving program?” You get the occasional bequest but don’t have time to explore the trends and tactics of strategic giving to build a program in your charity? This is a webinar for every size charity, it will feature low cost and no cost examples, case studies from across Canada, current resources and will leave you feeling like you can take your planned giving fundraising from reactive to proactive. Also, this is NOT just about deferred future gifts! You will raise more cash and major gifts after attending this webinar no matter the size of your charity. It being November, we’ll focus on what you need to do before the end of 2017 and how you can start 2018 on with a better planned giving plan!


8 November, 1:00pm to 8 November, 2:00pm



Phone: 888-430-9494