FREE WEBINAR: Can We Even Talk about Planned Giving Now?!


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paul_nazareth_photo_2018-cropped.pngCan We Even Talk about Planned Giving Now?!

Presented by: Paul Nazareth, VP, Education & Development, CAGP

While many charities think about the current needs in crisis, and others consider the resources required to rebuild, donor-centered fundraisers who are listening hard have heard that this global health event has caused a massive public desire to update and create Wills and estate plans. While we debate whether planned giving solicitation should continue, donors are creating Wills and planned gifts in unprecedented numbers. How do we respond, react and confirm these gifts? What does this mean for planned giving? CAGP’s head of education, Paul Nazareth will curate insight from national CAGP faculty and our community’s leaders in strategy, marketing and donor engagement. He will share both their advice and newly collected data from our soon to launch Will Power legacy campaign as well as information from estate planners connected to our Chapters across Canada. You will leave feeling more confident about how to adapt and evolve with the needs of your donors today and how to run a stronger planned giving program tomorrow.


6 May, 1:00pm to 6 May, 2:00pm