Let's Talk About Death, Baby - RECORDING

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janice_st-denis_photo.jpgLet's Talk About Death, Baby
Presented by:
Janice St-Denis

In the 90s when Salt-N-Pepa came out with an edgy song, one of the intents behind it was to address the overarching attitude of censorship toward the topic of sex. In today’s society, sex is less taboo…but has the subject of death taken its place? As fundraisers, we are faced with the topic of death often as we help our donors plan their legacies or help with in memoriam gifts. To continue our growth as fundraisers, it is important that we strive to have an open attitude toward death, and a cursory understanding of how best to react to the grief of donors that we encounter. This webinar won’t provide the answers necessarily, but I believe that in order to become more comfortable with the topic of death, we should talk about it… so let’s have a conversation!

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