CRM2, Now You Will Know What Your Advisor is Paid - RECORDING

CRM2, now you will know what your advisor is paid

Client Relationship Model as proposed by the Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) is widely considered to be the most impactful and sweeping change legislation to hit the securities industry in decades.  What does that mean to you as a charity or an advisor?   Not much, OR everything depending on many factors to be discussed at the session.   For example, imagine what will happen when for the first time, your investment advisor’s compensation from your accounts is disclosed to you, to the dollar, ALONG with a statement that shows the calendar year performance of your investments.   One thing is for sure, advisors still operating after July 15, 2016 when the legislation is in full force are able to successfully defend their “value” to their clients – you and your donors!  It is also widely believed that there could be a mass exodus of financial advisors (retirements) because they are not willing or able to address the value argument when challenged.  Come learn about the legislation and see the impact (good and bad) that it could have on you and your organization.

Originally broadcast on December 2, 2015

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