Donations of Real Property - RECORDING

Passed through generations, flipped, mortgaged, preserved, dreamed about, farmed, camped and cottaged, permanent dwelling, home base, squatted on, plot, primary residence, investment property, rental, air space parcel, easement, surface and mineral rights and on and on. How about contaminated, abandoned, tenement, slum, private, keep out, fenced, no trespassing. These are just a few ways to describe privately owned properties. No other investment asset class has so many ways to describe the possibilities. Real estate is the favourite investment for Canadians of both wealth and modest means. If gift planners seek gifts of assets then why don’t we see more gifts of real property? Join me on January 29 for an hour of information, discussion and tales from the trenches about getting gifts of real estate.

Originally broadcast on January 29, 2014


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