Part 2 - Fraser's Dance of the Seven Veils - RECORDING

Fraser Green has been studying the art of persuading donors to make bequests since his first donor survey in 2003. Over the past ten years Fraser has done donor polls, interviewed 1,000 Canadian donors in focus groups, written creative campaigns for dozens of charities – and co-written a book on legacy marketing.

Fraser is Canada’s undisputed leader at knowing the secrets of persuading donors to move closer to the yes decision.Fraser has spent a decade building his 32-ingredient persuasion recipe – and now he’s going to share it with the world. Join Fraser in this two-part webinar series as he unveils his 32 practical tips and tools for effective donor persuasion. If you ever communicate with donors on the subject of charitable bequests, you MUST NOT miss this session!

Originally broadcast on June 26, 2013


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